Frequently Asked Questions

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When can I take RevitaSpice?

Because RevitaSpice is whole food, you can take it at any time. If you're looking for more energy right after waking up, then it's probably a good idea to take the capsules at that time. If you typically need a boost of energy around lunch time, take them then. The time isn't so important as ensuring you're taking them each day. Being consistent is the most important thing. Find the time that works best for you and make it habitual.

How long will it take me to see results with RevitaSpice?

The answer to this question will vary from person to person. Keep in mind that normally after 120 days, all your red blood cells will be replaced with new red blood cells. You should expect to notice improvements in your health shortly after taking the product regularly. Some will notice results right away, others may not notice significant results until about 120 days. For many, the health concerns we're dealing with weren't developed overnight, in fact, many were years in the making before we felt the effects. Because of that, it can take some time for the body to feel back to where we want it. As long as you're taking the product daily, you can rest assured knowing that even if you're not feeling results, your body is thanking you. Remember, consistency is so important here!

Where did RevitaSpice start?

Our founder worked for another supplement company as the Vice President of Quality Control. He was responsible for ensuring product integrity, product testing, compliance to the FDA standards, and research and development. During some of his research, he came across fascinating benefits and effects that spices and herbs have on the body. Many of these benefits cannot be listed or claimed due the FDA regulations. For this reason, we suggest that each person interested in RevitaSpice look up the benefits of each of the ingredients in our product. You will be amazed. Spices are not part of our earth just to season food, their purpose is much greater.

Is RevitaSpice organic and Kosher?

RevitaSpice only sources Organic, Non-GMO and Kosher ingredients. That being said, we have not yet completed certification for these standards which is why they are not yet displayed on the label.

Is RevitaSpice safe for children?

RevitaSpice is food. It's spices. If your children can swallow capsules, they can certainly also take RevitaSpice.

Do you charge for shipping?

Good news! We offer free shipping on all orders. Handling time for most orders is less than 24 hours from the time the order is processed.

How long do RevitaSpice capsules stay good for?

Our spices are received, stored, blended, encapsulated, and bottled under stringent Good Manufacturing Practices to ensure product safety and freshness.

Take a look at your RevitaSpice bottle. The empty space between the end and the start of the label has been stamped with a MFG date. That is the date that the capsules were produced. This is the beginning of its shelf life.

We recommend consuming the capsules within the first month you've ordered them to remain consistent with your health goals.

That being said, since our ingredients are freeze dried, their shelf life is much longer than one month. In fact, most freeze dried foods have a shelf life of over 25 years!